Top 10 Things On Buzznet

September is gone. Hail the month October. Soon comes Halloween.

September was a good month, minus that whole “school starting” thing. Now that we can wake up that one dude from Green Day, we can get on to everyone’s favorite time of year, Halloween. If you don’t like Halloween, Nefertara will come get you. I have seen it happen. Don’t make me tell her that you didn’t read the Top 10, either, because I will. Then you’ll be sorry.

Anyway, this week has been a treat. It has been a virtual grab bag of goodies that made my mind rot. You know, kind of like how Halloween candy does to your teeth. I think I am getting too excited for Halloween already. Before I go on again about this most festive time, let’s take a look at the Top 10 Things on Buzznet this week:

Guess which celeb couple broke up (again)?

Dani Vitale Interviews Samuel Larsen

Why Was Brenda Song Crying After Her Hospital Visit?

~omg she realized she was dating Trace Cyrus~Too soon? I’m awful.

The Evolution of Hayley Williams

Fashion In Film: Ghost World

LIGHTS Twitterview: Pocahontas, World of Warcraft & More!

Twitterview: Christopher Drew of Never Shout Never

Rian Dawson, Alex Deleon & Beau Bokan: Best Blink182 Moments

This Week’s Alphabet Assignment: O Is For Otumn (actually Objects)

Buzznet Knows How To Throw Down In the Kitchen: N Is For Nomz