Top 10 Things On Buzznet

Much like Aly’s two puggle mugs that grace the thumbnail of the Top 10 this week, you all have given us something to smile about. There has been plenty of Cool Stuff happening and FALL IS FINALLY HERE! Hopefully this Top 10 is like a much needed scarf and we can warm you all up with some of the best stuff ever fashioned out of bits of binary. Let’s take a look at what made us feel warm and fuzzy this week on Buzznet:

Mindy White of States Does An IF Interview

Have You Heard Panic At the Disco’s “Mercenary” Yet?

Back to School With The Cab: The Bad Boys

Modern Family Star Sarah Hyland v. Glee’s Lea Michele

Jonah Hill Calls Out Matthew Morrison

Hay Gurl Hay – The Miley Cyrus Edition

Closet Case Studies: Kerli!

BekkiBoom’s Must Have Winter Clothes:

Photo Assignment: N is for Nom

SamanthaPaigeHoward’s Angry Birds Photo of the Week: