Top 10 Things On Buzznet

Oh hey y’all. I see that most of you are in school and getting your learn on. I also see that with all of you away, our little place here on the internet makes me feel like so:

That’s cool, though. We understand that you need to learn stuff, get all awesome and turn into magical butterflies so you can pollinate the world with your thoughts. That is the way life works. Even though we miss you here, we understand that for now, you must focus. We will still be here when you get back.

Now that I am done writing about my abandonement issues, let’s get to the good stuff that is the Top 10 Things On Buzznet:

What up Fashion Week on Buzznet?

DIY Sugar Skulls w/Charlavail

The Evolution of Ashlee Simpson

Is 17 Too Young For Plastic Surgery?

Stay delicious, y’all.

Avengers Filming In NYC

Emma Watsons Weird New Lancome Commercial

Exclusive Premiere: LIGHTS ‘Toes’ Music Video

“Kyle, Don’t Play That Thing” by Austin Bello of FTSK

Eisley @ Bumbershoot

Take A Look At Our L Is For Light Photos:

Photo by Nonoi. Join the Photo of the Day Group if you want to party with the rest of us. Do it.

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