Top 10 Things On Buzznet

I am really tempted to put this gif of a bull terrier accosting a Pikachu doll but I am going to refrain, lest I get mauled by the cyber police. If you need to see it, write me a note and I will share it with you because it’s funny but NSFANYONE, ever. Here’s this instead:

The Doctor & Rose want to welcome you to another newsletter, so let’s get to it because they have places to be, plots to foil, stuff to save, etc.

Song vs. Song

8 Great Songs About Great Singers

Look who doesn’t look like Buddy Holly ^^

Back to School With Cassadee Pope of Hey Monday

Photo Assignment: L Is For Light

The Ashlee Holmes Version of CRIBS

Lady Gaga Brings the Goods To the VMA’s

TWILIGHT’s Pre-Wedding Photos Revealed

Keltie Colleen’s Boyfriend Dealbreakers

What’s Your Back To School Look?

Cool Stuff: Week 130


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