Taylor Swift & Hayley Williams Take The Stage TOGETHER!

Sure one is a little bit country and the other is rock ‘n’ roll, but Taylor Swift and Hayley Williams took the stage together over the weekend in front of Swift’s sold out Nashville crowd. Taylor has become known for having amazing guests perform with her during her ‘Speak Now’ tour — and having Hayley (for me) was the ultimate surprise guest.

While the band started to play the rhythm section of Paramore‘s hit single, ‘That’s What You Get’,Taylor teased that she had a special Nashville friend back stage. Moments later the tiny red head emerged in her signature red jeans and went right into the rock song. Cue the crowd going wild.

Check out the performance here. I can honestly say this is the only time I have been completely jealous of Taylor Swift.

Hayley later took to her Tumblr blog to share a video of the performance and her thoughts on the night!

Last night I got to sing with one of my good friends, THE miss Taylor Swift.

My respect and admiration for her as an artist just shot through the roof while I was watching her go through 2hr set. Her voice sounded incredible, she played like a million different instruments, and she told great stories. That is easily my favorite thing about Taylor. Her storytelling. If you haven’t seen her show or never bought one of her albums, you’re seriously missing out. Of all the friends I have who play/write music, I’ve never seen anybody do it all with as much heart and grace as Taylor does.

If you were at the show last night, thanks for singing along to “That’s What You Get”. Ya’ll made me feel very welcome!

What do you think of the duet? Do you think they should write a song together?