Summer of Buzz Music Blogger Round Up

A few days ago we announced the Summer of Buzz winners and AmyJo nailed the music blogger category! But there were so many great posts, breaking news pieces, playlists and articles. I know I’m gonna leave some out but I wanted to THANK YOU ALL and share some of my favorite submissions.

AmyJo’s Eight Great Songs About Singers

We found out about Danny Worsnop from Asking Alexandria’s future COLLAB With JULIET SIMMS from the ever-knowledgeable Alexa.

Jenelle Hops on Tour News faster than anyone else on the site. For example, ROLL CALL: The Summer Set Headlining Short Tour

So many of our music bloggers were quick to report on MCR’s drummer getting SACKED!

Ariel told us the news that LIGHTS & Beau Bokan got engaged.

Susannah Keeps us up to date on rising artists. Look Out For: Ellie Goulding

Sat Nights and Neon Lights stayed on the VMA beat. Check out our VMA Picks

Amy M. kept us up to date on the happenings of Cartel, The Maine, Mayday Parade and more.

We get tons of news, reviews and playlists from Michele Bird. A good one is ‘From Past To Present: A Decade of MTV’s ‘Video Of The Year’ Winners

Thanks to everyone who submitted! You guys rule!