Steven Taylor Polaroid Blog GIVEAWAY!

In case you have missed it, celebrity photographer Steven Taylor has been doing a rad #PolaroidBlog on Buzznet! He has been posting one Polaroid photo each day of his friends, family and random stuff, and Steven has some pretty cool friends including, Davie Henrie, Katelyn Tarver, The Summer Set and JoJo! Now that we are heading toward the end of the month, it’s time to inspire one of you to continue the project with a Polaroid giveaway! Buzznet Steven Taylor and Polaroid have teamed up to giveaway the Polaroid 300 camera including two packs of film as well as YOUR favorite photo from the #PolaroidBlog.

Here is what you do and how to enter:

1. Follow @Buzznet and @StevenTaylor on Twitter

2. Tweet to your friends your favorite photo from the #PolaroidBlog. Please inculde @StevenTaylor @Buzznet #PolaroidBlog & link of your favorite photo in the tweet.

Example: “Check out this photo on @StevenTaylor’s #PolaroidBlog on @Buzznet (link)”

You have until Friday September 30th to enter so keep those tweets coming! You must be 13 years of age or older to enter.

Check out the #PolaroidBlog gallery by clicking the Polaroid below

Be sure to check out Steven’s full Portfolio – STEVENTAYLORPHOTO.COM