Seeking Dreams……Chapter One-Hundred & Seventeen

The next morning Shannon wakes to an empty bed.

“Ahh, where did she go off to now” he mutters now looking around the room.

He then gets out of bed and then heads downstairs.

He finds Emily sitting at the kitchen counter, heads bent over an empty coffee cup.

He then picks her up gently and then goes to carry her to the stairs and back to bed, but just before he reaches the bottom step, Emily mutters to him, “I’m not asleep, just me on the sofa”.

Shannon does so, and then Emily sits herself up right for a moment before she plops herself down again.

“Didn’t sleep then?” Shannon asks her now walking back into the kitchen for breakfast.

“Yeah, got up about six or so, what time is it now?” Emily asks.

“Ten to eleven” Shannon says now coming back in with some tea.

“Tea, make you calm down a bit huh?” he then says now handing the cup to her.

“Mpth” Emily mutters now taking the tea.

“So, I was thinking, how about going out today” Shannon says now whipping up some eggs.

“Like where, the loony bin?” Emily calls from the sofa.

“Haha, no, that’ll be for Monday. I was thinking like a museum or something. Hey, they just reopened the aquarium that was under renovation for six months, how about that?” Shannon says now walking in and out of the kitchen to the living room and back again. Emily thinks for a minute, and then brightens.

“Yeah, that sounds nice. What me invite Gab and Jared along?” she says.

“Sure, I’ll give them a call in a little bit, you just rest and drink your tea, breakfast will be ready in a while. Bet you need a pill for that sore neck huh?” Shannon says now walking back in with some painkillers.

Emily gets up and then feels the sore strain in the back of her neck from it hanging down when she was asleep at the counter.

“Ha yeah thinks” she says now taking the pills and popping them down with the rest of her tea.