Robert Pattinson Moves Forward with New Album

Everybody’s favorite Twilight star is recharging our love for him with plans for a new album.

A source told US Weekly that the actor, who recorded two songs for the original Twilight soundtrack “has been kicking a few original songs around for a long time, but his schedule didn’t allow it,” and that “Now he’s got some weeks to get everything in line before going back to promoting Breaking Dawn.”

But what will the vibe of the album be?

“The album Rob will make will be guitar-based and drums, very organic-sounding, nothing pop,” sources say his sound is “Like stripped-down Ray LaMontagne meets Van Morrison.”

I can get down with that sound!

“Music is his first love!” a source reveals, and “He’s tortured because he avoids it. When he’s sitting around jamming in the studio, it’s his favorite moment of life.”

Here’s a video of one of Pattinson’s impromptu London performances:

Do you dig Rob’s sound? Would you like to hear more of his music in the final Twilight films?