Project.Inspire.21 #8 featuring Irene

Thank you Yong Yi for to have chosen another quote of mine!

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“It can’t rain all the time” -Brandon Lee, from the movie “The Crows”-

I reflect in this quote because I think that all bad things don’t happen only to me and my family. And this quote gives me hope, because I think that one day there will be the sun in my life. Of course, I won’t be a victim. I have a great family. I’ve always gotten all the possibilities from my parents, but you know there are some things you would want to have forever, or at least you would be glad to have a little bit more. And sometimes you see others with the perfect life, something like in a movie, where nothing bad happens to them. So you ask: why? This is not jealousy, and I know that life goes in this way: there’s a balance at the two sides, but the wheel turns and it can’t rain all the time, and with more respect, things can be great.

Written by: Irene (Italy)