Nirvana’s Musical Influence Spans The Music Scene

About 20 years ago today a little grunge band from Seattle released a record, ‘Nevermind’, that has influenced every facet of the music industry. Since then Nirvana’s debut album ‘Nevermind ‘has become one of the most icon albums in alternative music and has gone on to sell over 10 million copies.

Kurt Cobain‘s talent for creating music has inspired everyone from Miley Cyrus to Rivers Cuomoto persue a career in music while do things on their own terms. Check out these live performances of some of Nirvana’s most memorable songs performed by the artist who were inspired by them.

Miley Cyrus performs ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ during her ‘Gypsy’ Heart Tour’ in 2011.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt performs ‘Lithium’ at a gig in 2011.

Weezer performs ‘Silver’ back in 2008 during ‘The Red Album’ Tour.

Emilie Simon performs a piano cover of ‘Come As You Are’.

Evanescence covering ‘Heart Shaped Box’ at a mall instore in 2008.

Which cover is your favorite? Please comment below and add your favorite covers!