New Shots of Anne Hathaway Show Catwoman Finally Looking Feline

So, we’ve seen shots of Anne Hathaway in her action gear for next year’s The Dark Knight Rises. But one question remained: where was the “cat” in her Catwoman costume?

Well, new shots have surfaced, showing Anne in yet another Catwoman get-up:

Um, wow. Well, at least there’s some “cat” to it now, but. Well. This kinda looks like a throwback to the old 60’s Batman series where women like Eartha Kitt and Julie Newmar played Catwoman.

So, we’ve got ears and high heels (which don’t really seem to make much sense for either buglarly or crimefighting, whichever Catwoman is involved in at this point). It just seems a bit CAMPY for Nolan’s vision of Batman. After his “Anarchy Forever!” Joker and SRS BZNZ Two-Face, it seems a bit odd that he’s suddenly breaking out the comic-y camp-y stuff now. But who knows, maybe it all makes sense in the film’s context.

And, luckily, there’s no tail:

What do you guys think of the look?