MTV EMA 2011 Nominations Thoughts + Support Britney Spears!

MTV EMA 2011 Nominations are opened!

Ok, I’m really really angry about those nominations, always the same artists with a lot of nominees and Britney, 100 million of copies sold in 13 years, a Grammy Award, best selling with Circus Tour in 2009, has an only one nomination at MTV EMA 2011 in Best Pop!

What the hell?!?!

But we have 6 nominations for Gaga, once again she put on the pedestal as she was a God! And Katy Perry with 4 one. I have to remember that these two women debuted when Britney was already famous for a lot of years?!

I don’t know what you say, I would like to write to MTV and express all my anger for this less interest for the real artists as Britney! For don’t to talk about Tokio Hotel, who aren’t nominated in any categories, and they won 4 times since 2007! But 30STM are nominated once again!

It’s already happened at EMA 2007 where Tokio Hotel won Inter Act category, and 30STM won a EMA too, even though their album was released in 2005! And so they could do the same with Tokio Hotel who released an album in 2009, then in last year they released a best of with “Hurricanes & Suns” single?

The nominations are:

BEST SONGAdele – “Rolling In The Deep”Bruno Mars – “Grenade”Jennifer Lopez ft Pitbull – “On The Floor”Katy Perry – “Firework”Lady Gaga – “Born This Way”

BEST LIVEColdplayFoo FightersKaty PerryLady GagaRed Hot Chili Peppers

BEST POPBritney SpearsJustin BieberKaty PerryLady GagaRihanna

BEST NEW ACTBruno MarsFar East MovementJessie JLMFAOWiz Khalifa

BEST FEMALEAdeleBeyoncéJennifer LopezKaty PerryLady Gaga

BEST MALEBruno Mars David GuettaEminemJustin BieberKanye West

BEST HIP HOPEminemLil WayneJay-Z & Kanye WestPitbullSnoop Dogg

BEST ROCKColdplayFoo FightersLinkin ParkKings Of LeonRed Hot Chili Peppers

BEST VIDEOAdele – “Rolling In The Deep”Beastie Boys – “Make Some” Noise”Beyonce – “Run The World (Girls)”Justice – “Civilization”Lady Gaga – “Born This Way”

BEST ALTERNATIVE30 Seconds To MarsArcade FireArctic MonkeysMy Chemical RomanceThe Strokes

BEST WORLD STAGE30 Seconds To MarsArcade FireThe Black Eyed PeasDiddy Dirty MoneyEnrique IglesiasKings Of LeonLinkin ParkMy Chemical RomanceOzzy OsborneSnoop Dogg

BEST PUSHAlexis JordanBig Time RushBruno MarsFar East MovementJessie JKaty BLMFAONeon TreesTheophilus LondonWiz Khalifa

BIGGEST FANS30 Seconds To MarsJustin BieberLady GagaParamoreSelena Gomez

If you like me have the same opinion, write a comment below! Or send a mail here: with this text I just sent:

“Hi,I hope that someone can read my email and give me an aswer.Each year I follow EMA’s and VMA’s but for the last years I noticed some little things that made me reflect! First: the fact that an artist like Britney Spears, 13 years of career, over 100 million of albums sold worldwide, a Grammy Award winner, best selling concert with Circus Tour in 2009, won only 7 EMA’s (with 16 nominees) and 6 VMA’s, including the Michael Jackson Vanguard Award this year (but she had 29 nominees), while other artists like Lady Gagy in 2 years won more than Britney in 13. Second: Britney, this year, is nominated only in a category, even though she released as Gaga an album this year in March, but once again Gaga is put on the pedestal with 6 nominations, Katy Perry 4 one and Britney only one! Even though when Gaga and Perry started their career Britney already sold million of copies. And we wanna talk about Britney’s tribute of this year at VMA’s? 1 minute and half and then her speech has been cut because she had to announce Beyonce performance plus the pregnancy! It was Britney moment!I stayed up until 5:30am in the morning for to follow the live show because I live in Italy, I did it only for Britney! (you can to don’t write this is you don’t live in Europe) Third: this year Tokio Hotel aren’t nominated at EMA’s even though since 2007 they won each year, and being a German band, only a band like Rammstein, always from Germany has their success, they won a Grammy in 2005 but they are over 40 years old, while Tokio Hotel are only 20. Tokio Hotel are preparing a new album that will be released in Spring 2012 but they have a Best Of, released on December 2010 with a unreleased single “Hurricanes & Suns”. My question is: why in 2007, 30 Second To Mars were nominated at EMA and they won too, even though their album “A Beautiful Liar” were released on August 2005 while Tokio Hotel this year aren’t nominated although the huge petition and fan action of Twitter and Facebook where in each MTV question: Which artist do you want to see nominated at EMAs? The answer always was: Tokio Hotel?

It seems that some artists are more favoured than others one and I’m not the only one who noticed it!

Kindly regards”

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