Did Miley Cyrus Just Save an Island?

She’s a singer, actress, celebrity gossip staple and… humanitarian? Miley Cyrus is usually known for being chatty on Twitter about her personal life and personal photos, but this time around Miley’s putting her Twitter power to good use: she’s using her fame to help some folks down under.

Islanders were fighting against a massive housing development that would have destroyed more than 56 acres of seaside farmland in Australia. The area is fragile farmland which many felt should be left alone. Miley, not one to stand back and watch without saying anything, took to Twitter to ask her fans for some support.

Miley tweeted this:

Why is Miley so passionate about saving Phillip Island? Boyfriend Liam Hemsworth might have a little something to do with it! Liam spent a good chunk of time there when he was growing up. Miley has visited the island with Liam in the past and apparently fell in love with it.

Although the lawmakers deny that Miley had anything to do with it, things suddenly turned around and it’s been decided that Phillip Island will be left as it is. Go Miley!

Does hearing about this make you like Miley more, or does it not change your perception of her?