Matthew Morrison to Take On Jonah Hill: ‘Be Afraid!’

When it was reported earlier that Moneyball actor Jonah Hill was feuding with Glees Matthew Morrison, we couldn’t believe it either! I mean, who could have beef with the singing and dancing actor from Glee – well, other than maybe another singer/dancer/actor? And who would have thought that funnyman actor Jonah, who recently underwent a noticeable weight loss, could ever have beef with anyone?

If you didn’t hear about it, here’s what went down: The two were both at the same FOX function and Matthew apparently made a joke about Jonah in front of everyone in attendance. Then at a “douchey Hollywood party” (as Jonah called it), he was going to approach Matthew and overheard him and Gossip Girl star Chace Crawford having a laugh at Jonah’s expense. Jonah took his beef to Jimmy Fallon’s late night show and challenged Matthew on the show, giving this message: “Matthew Morrison, you better bring your sh-t next time I see you…I’d like to see him sing his way out of this one.”

Turns out, Matthew accepted Jonah’s challenge last night saying, “Jonah, pick a date and I will meet you on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and we will settle this like men. But be afraid, be very afraid. Because nobody messes with someone from musical theatre.”

Check out Matthew’s video:

Uh oh! Let’s just hope Jonah knows how to sing or takes dance classes between now and then. No word on when the two will meet on Fallon just yet.

Who do you think will win: Matthew Morrison or Jonah Hill?