LISTEN: Three Free British Songs

After looking through my Buzznet posts, I noticed that (considering I live in the UK) I write about very few British acts. The only ones who I can recall blogging about are Kids In Glass Houses and You Me At Six but that doesn’t truly represent the best acts of my home country (although in my humble opinion, KIGH are the best Brit-rock band around right now). So I felt that I should share some of my favourite talent from my side of the pond, but not just the standard list of Arctic Monkeys et al because I’m only posting about new acts with free songs. Yes, that’s right I said free so if you like what you here, you can own it for nothing (legally). I must point out that I’d hope to make this list much more longer and include many, many more unsigned/newly signed great Brit-acts (such as Hoodlums, Mimi Soya and Futures) but none of whom are giving away free tracks (boo you, making us pay for our music!). Anyway, enjoy this trio for the meantime.

Lonsdale Boys Club

Recently signed to Island Records, the NW6 trio look set to the be the next big thing. They began their year supporting Patrick Stump in London and next month (26th October) they’ll be headlining at the same venue to celebrate their single launch. They’ve also signed up to support The Kooks on their UK tour and play Club NME at KOKO so mainstream success is certainly on the horizon. Check them out before anyone else by visiting their Facebook and downloading a demo of new track “Juno” for free.


Emerging from the ashes of They Sink Ships came Calais, an indie rock band from London. It all sounded so promising, but now the future has begun to appear bleak for Calais. The band members list on their Twitter has twindled down to just three and since their debut UK tour which ended in July, they haven’t updated their band’s online pages. We can only hope they’re busy recording their top secret debut album..if only. Anyway, you can still download “Don’t Panic” on their website. Even if that turns out to be their only song, it’s still well worth a listen.


Made up of Charlie and Annabel comes Bluebell, a duo who describe themselves as ‘POP’ although they clearly channel a complex mix of influences. Fans of British upcoming artists may recognise Annabel’s as the female guest voice of pop-rockers Futures. If you like intelligent pop music, then you better download their track ‘Normal Heights’ by signing up to their mailing list.