Listen: Alternative Versions Of Patrick Stump’s ‘This City’

We all know that Patrick Stump is a Chicago boy, and that his first ‘proper’ solo single “This City” is an ode to his favourite city but it’s definitely not exclusive to his hometown. Having recently saying that he hoped “This City” to be relatable for people of all cities to express their love for where they live (despite the bad aspects), it seems Patrick Stump got his wish granted. Various radio stations have been releasing their own personalised remixes, here they are:


San Diego:

You can catch this version live here too.


N.B This gets a thumbs up purely for the mention of the ‘gayborhood’ at 0:50 because I live in the LGBT capital of the UK.


This remix features an actual rapping replacement for Lupe Fiasco, but sadly it’s not on Youtube and unavailable for those who are outside the US (Copyright – 1, People like me – 0). However if you’re not geoblocked, you can listen over here.

So what cities do you want to hear a “This City” remix for next? Or would you prefer to keep the original?

P.S I am aware that the above video is still technically a remix, so here’s the original.