Justin Timberlake Joins Scarlett Johansson Topless!

No, they’re not in topless together (that we know of anyway!). Yesterday the Internet was all abuzz of Scarlett Johansson’s leaked nude photos taken from her hacked cell phone. Scarlett, who has taken legal action against her hacker, joins a number of celebrities whose racy pictures has fallen victim to the Internet, including Blake Lively, Vanessa Hudgens, Christina Aguilera and Chris Brown.

Soon you can add Justin Timberlake to that list! According to TMZ, Justin’s Friends With Benefits costar Mila Kunis was the latest celebrity whose cell phone was hacked and the hacker is leaking some sexy photos onto the Internet. A total of four pictures have been leaked, including two with Justin: one is of JT laying shirtless in bed and the other in which he is (jokingly?) sporting pink panties over his head. Mila isn’t in any of the photos with Justin… but could that be because she’s the one taking them?

JT isn’t the only one with the photos: photo of Mila in a bathtub (all you see is her head) and an explicit photo of an unidentified male have also been leaked, along with texts that the hacker claims reveals exchanges between Justin and Mila. Sounds super juicy! However, while these photos have supposedly leaked, the photos haven’t physically been found.

We’ll believe it when we see it Mr. (or Ms.) Hacker!

What do you think of these leaked celebrity nude photos? Do you think they’re shocking, interesting or just plain annoying?