Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel’s Colorado Wedding!

Seems like Labor Day weekend is a popular weekend to get hitched: first Miley Cyrus attended her friend Jen Talarico’s wedding (in which Miley was a bridesmaid) and now it’s been revealed that Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel were in Colorado together this weekend for some nuptials of their own! No, the former couple didn’t tie the knot – they attended a friend’s wedding in Steamboat Springs, CO, RadarOnline reports.

Justin and Jessica, who broke up earlier this year, are apparently dating again and were seen with a group of friends from the wedding at The Tugboat, a popular locale in the area. A server at The Tugboat dished out some details to RadarOnline, saying:

“The bar was packed on Saturday night, as it always is. Justin and Jessica were very much together, however, they were being very low key. Jessica’s hair was down, and she is beautiful. Justin was wearing a hat, and was by her side the entire night. Their group arrived around 10:30, and they stayed until 1 a.m. People in the bar definitely recognized them, but no one bombarded them.”

Jessica and Justin seen together last week in Toronto – the couple is back ON!

“Jessica told me they were in town for a friend’s wedding, and that they both loved Steamboat Springs. She lamented how nice it was to be treated as a normal person, without the cameras around,” the waitress went on to say.

And although there was a popular local band playing, much to many peoples’ dismay, Justin didn’t perform. “I think everyone was kind of hoping Justin would get up and perform with the band. One of the people in his group did get up with the band and played the bluegrass violin for a little bit. Justin and Jessica loved that, ” the staffer revealed.

How fun!

Do you think Justin and Jessica will get married eventually? Do you think their relationship will last this second time around?