jacvanek: Bon Iver.  This band holds a special place in my…


Bon Iver.  This band holds a special place in my secret heart that no one can touch.  This band makes me feel in ways that I thought were impossible.  So, no matter how I try, to even begin to describe what their show meant to me in words somehow will always diminish how perfect it made my soul really feel.  So, I’ll just save myself now from trying to be poetic..

I’ve gone to two shows so far, and I’m going to my third tonight, thanks to my good friend Josh in the opening band, Other Lives.  He’s an angel to me.  Anyway, Justin Vernon’s voice is something from another world.  The range that guy has should be illegal.  He was absolutely flawless from beginning to end, hitting every note with the greatest ease.  There were points during the show where I swear he sounds like gospel singer, just because of the straight power that man can project.  And the best part about him, is he is just such….a DUDE.  Just your normal, every day, awesome bro (who happens to make the most beautiful music your ears will ever hear).  He says goofy things between songs, and he sometimes looks out of place in the best way possible.  The nine piece band that played with him complimented him and his songs perfectly, creating the most intense and captivating atmosphere one could only wish for.  

Without giving too much away, they ended their encore with my favorite Bon Iver song, The Wolves.  The building of emotion in this song was so intense that I thought my heart was going to explode.  It was tragic and beautiful and alive.  When I die, I expect Bon Iver to be playing The Wolves at the gates of heaven.

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