Happy Birthday Nick Jonas: 5 Reasons Nick J Rocks!

OMG! Today Jonas Brother Nick Jonas turns 19! Looks like the youngest member of the group isn’t so little anymore! In fact, in the past year Nick has begun producing for other artists, bought his own apartment, joined a celebrity cast of Hairspray at the Hollywood Bowl and started dating Aussie superstar Delta Goodrem. Nick is also set to star in “How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying” on Broadway in the coming year.

In celebration of Nick J’s birthday, I’ve put together 5 reasons Nick Jonas rocks!

1. He’s multi-talented. Not only can Nick sing, but he plays the guitar, piano and drums. He also arranged much of the music that he and his brothers played and recently began producing music for other artists.

2. He’s got big plans. To many fans and friends, Nick is known as Mr. President. Nick has goals of holding office in the future and has already spoken about his future campaign plans. He’s even testified before Congress in the past, on behalf on type 1 Diabetes and spoken at the National Press Club. We’ll have to wait and see what happens in 2040!

3. He’s a total sweetheart. If you’ve ever seen the Jo Bros in concert or simply seen an interview, there’s no denying that they’re totally sweet guys. They love their fans and always seem happy to meet them! He didn’t even seem to mind when I tracked him down to get a shout out for Buzznet at Grammy Camp! ;D

4. He’s way mature. Nick has always seemed wise beyond his years. He was always more serious than his brothers, but it seemed to work out well for the group and balanced out Joe’s crazy antics.

5. He’s raising awareness for Diabetes. Since being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in 2005, Nick has been actively raising awareness of the disease and supporting other teens with the disease. He also started the Change for the Children foundation that raises money for diabetes research and is a spokesperson for Bayer.

Nick and his dog Elvis celebrate his birthday!

Happy Birthday Nick!!!