Happy Birthday Jimmy Fallon: 6 Reasons Why We LOVE Jimmy!

He made us LOL for years as a regular on Saturday Night Live and Jimmy Fallon continues with the hilarity on his late night talk show, Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. Today is the comedian’s birthday, and in honor of Jimmy’s birthday, here are the top reasons why we just L-O-V-E him! And what’s NOT to love? From his dorky-boy-next-door persona and his in-depth knowledge of rap music to his love of animals, Jimmy wins us over every time!


Here are 6 reasons why we love Jimmy Fallon:

1. His senior class picture was sooo… normal. Imagine Jimmy going to high school with you. Can you picture him sitting next to you in math and cracking the class up with his hijinks? We can too!

2. He wore polyester and played one of the Bee Gees. In this SNL skit, Jimmy and Justin Timberlake played The Bee Gees. I don’t know what’s funnier: their spot-on impression of the Brothers Gibb or the fact that they are totally wearing polyester….

3. Jimmy’s late night show is so much fun! Jimmy may not be winning major awards for his late night show but with games like this one he played with Ethan Hawke, WE wish we could guest on the show!

4. History of Rap Part 2 with Justin Timberlake. In July, Justin and Jimmy reprised their rap history performance with a second part, much to the delight of fans everywhere. HI-LARIOUS!

5. He kisses puppies. I mean, how precious is this?!

6. His Emmys opening last year was a complete win. Jimmy AND Tina Fey AND the Glee kids? TOTAL WIN!

What’s your reason for loving Jimmy? What’s your favorite Jimmy Fallon sketch ever?