What’s Going On With Me?

So, it’s a lot of time I don’t post anything about me, and I thought to share something about me with all of you. In this last period I’ve not been so good with myself, I think (among the lot of stuff) is because I’m a little bit stressed with studying even though I decided to do my exams, my last three ones (Analysis of movie, Musical Institutes (Music Theory) and Contemporary History) of my first year, not this month, but on October or up ahead, I have to plan them soon, but I have to study and to write notes from the books as well.

I decided to don’t do them in September because I’ve read on the University website that I can have 75% discount on the second instalment because my average is high: 27/30 and i have over 40 points got with the exams so this is a good news as well.

Then today I’ve seen on the webisite that I start on September 19th and the semester ends on December 17th, I’m so happy because I start before the last year and I finish before too xp

So, on September 2nd, it was my mom’s bday: we did a party at home with my sponsors at confirmations and the friend of my mom and her husband. Mom cooked a lot of food and we ate for other 2 days after the bday hahahah

My dad and I bought for her Chanel n°5 and a book, she recieved also a bag and a shirt from Virginia (my sponsor at confirmation the one with the hot pink top) and a tshirt from Paola (the other woman in the pic with the pink top and the black shawl)

It was so hot and my hair was so messy xp

The same day of my mom’s bday I recieved a special gift from my sweet friend Kat, I don’t know how to thank her, she’s the best ever!

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Last week I’ve been in station for to reserve train tickets for Zurich awww can’t wait! Luckily with all the reductions and the free ticket, we pay only 140€ round trip ticket, it’s a huge saving, because only of train was something like 400€, but luckily my dad works in the railway 😉 On Tuesday instead, I go with my dad for to reserve an hotel in Zurich, our friend Myrta who works in a travel agency found something for us and can’t wait to know which hotel is, I remember I searched a lot of hotels around Hallenstadion and can’t wait for October 3rd *wwwwww* Britney, I’m cooooooooming!!!

Today I reserved for GLEE 3D, I go with my parents at the cinema on September 16th, the first day of screeing, I’m so excited! I already know that I will jump on the seat and I will sing all the songs! It will be like to be there awwww, I couldn’t go at their concerts but I can see them in 3D *o*

We also are planning to go to watch Supet 8, Bad Teacher and Box Office, the first Italian parody of the most famous movies of the last years with Italian comic actors we love!

Also today I recieved my orders from AMAZON.IT and AMAZON.DE, they have been so quick, in only 4 days all the things I ordered are arrived!

Tokio Hotel: Der Letzte Tag cd.1 (I have the cd.2 too xp); Britney Spears: The Return Of An Angel DVD; Monrose: Shame (single); Britney Spears: I Wanna Go (single); NENA: Best Of; Monrose: Even Heaven Cries (single)

I hope to stay better in the next weeks, and don’t think to bad stuff, I know that I don’t have a lot of persons around me, but I have my family who always is here with me and I have also friends here and not only here who can give me a hand, I really need in this period. I need love, I need to don’t think about anything and I need to be happy!

I hope you had a great time so far and I wish you a great weekend