GLEE 3D The Concert Movie

Yesterday I’ve been at the cinema with my parents for to watch GLEE 3D The Concert Movie, yesterday was the first day of five here in Italy for this awesome show (and not in all the cinemas of the Italy, only in THE SPACE CINEMA circuit, I’m just far only 5 minutes with the car to it and in my region there’s also another THE SPACE CINEMA).

I expetced more people, in my screening, at 10:05pm, the last one of the day, we were only my parents and I, and only other 25 people in the before screenings of the day.

I don’t know maybe because Glee is not a huge phenomenon here, especially here in my city, but looking the other screenings in the next 4 days, there’s no sold out, I could to watch it everyday because it’s awesome, but I would to proceed with order!

I was really really excited to watch this concert movie because I love the show (I’m a Gleek xp), I really love the characters and their talent, I had to go to the concert if I have had the occasion, but the nearest one was in UK in June (my dad said: “They could come here in Trieste, we have a great arena!”).

The 3D experience was perfect, the director is simply a genius and this is one of the best concerts I’ve ever seen in my life on screen.

My dad said: “After AVATAR is the best 3D experience I’ve ever seen!

My mom was happy to have seen Cory Monteith and Mark Selling so closest and in HD: “They are two really gorgeous boys, two different boys but so beautiful at the same time!”

When the camera was so closed to the characters seem to be there and in the end of every songs I had the intention to acclaim them because I forgot to be at the cinema.

The arena was huge, the IZOD Center of East Rutherford, New Jersey, and all the people (20,000) screamed when their fav character appeared!

I loved the fact that the concert was broke up with backstage scenes and with real stories of three normal persons whom with Glee have found the energy to be yourself, this really touched me, because I can reflect myself in their stories and in the stories of Glee characters.

I don’t know which are my fav performances because they are fucking talented, but I think to have in my heart: Don’t Stop Believin’, I’m A Slave 4 U, Don’t Rain On My Parade, Sing, Firework and Born This Way.

One of the fact I love the most of GLEE is that even though I don’t like an artist and the song he/she sings, with Glee I love it, I don’t know, maybe because I’m so addicted to this show and they are so talented that listen their covers is a pleasure for my ears!

It’s such a shame that in Italy maybe this concert movie will not be sold out, it’s sad! Because it’s an occasion for to watch something of different and to watch something you couldn’t to see live with your eyes.

If this 3D experience was stunning, I can’t imagine what it could be to assist live to this concert!

This concert movie is one of the best I’ve seen this year and I hope a lot of you I’ve seen it too!

Vote: 10/10