Flashback Friday: 5 Saturday Morning TNBC Shows We Miss

When you were a young kid, you LIVED for Saturday morning cartoons! Often found with a bowl of cereal in one hand and the remote for the TV in the other, Saturday mornings for you meant two things: no school and cartoon time! But what happened when you became too old for the cartoons? That’s what TNBC was for! Much like the Friday night TGIF programming on ABC (when you were too old to be asleep but too young to go out on the town), TNBC provided adolescents and teens with cartoon-alternative entertainment on Saturday mornings in the 90s. The programming block targeted teens and young adults and was broadcast on the NBC network.

Here are 5 TNBC shows we really, truly miss:

California Dreams (1992-1996)

California Dreams started out as a sitcom about the Garrison family, but quickly evolved into a show about a group of teens and their band, The Dreams. The show featured multi-ethnic characters and featured their wacky adventures as well as tackling real-life issues.

Saved by the Bell: The New Class (1993-2000)

This show was a spin-off of the original Saved by the Bell. It was pretty much the same premise, but with a different group of students at the fictional Bayside High School. Unlike its predecessor, the New Class changed its core group often, with the exception of principal Mr. Belding who stayed the same. Oh Mr. Belding!

City Guys (1997-2000)

The show City Guys was much like Saved by the Bell, except in an urban setting and a more diverse cast. It revolved mostly around best friends (and partners in crime!) Jamal and Chris, whose main mission was to stay out of trouble, especially around their principal Ms. Noble!

Hang Time (1995-2001)

Hang Time was a show for the sports lovers and the female empowerment fans! The show revolved around a boys high school basketball team called the Deerings Tornadoes, with one player who was female, from a fictional Indiana high school.

One World (1998-2001)

The show One World was about a large family living under one roof. The family was made up of a diverse group of foster children adopted by ex-baseball player David Blake and his wife Karen.

Which TNBC show(s) do you remember? Which one was your favorite? If you could bring back only one of the TNBC shows, which one would it be?