The First Official Look at Johnny Depp and the Rest of the ‘Dark Shadows’ Cast

So, yes. Johnny Depp is playing a vampire.

Don’t get too excited. This isn’t the ab-baring sort of “vampire” from Twilight, or the bare-it-all-and-then-some sort from True Blood. Depp is taking on the role of Barnabas Collins in Tim Burton’s film version of the classic soap opera Dark Shadows.

And as we see in this new cast photo, Barnabas is. Well. Let’s just take a look, shall we?

Depp’s the one with the long coat and the walking stick, FYI.

But let’s also take this chance to check out the rest of the cast. See anyone familiar? Because the film also stars Chloë Moretz (who played a vampire in Let Me In), Jonny Lee Miller (Trainspotting) Eva Green (Casino Royale), Jackie Earle Haley (Watchmen) and Michelle Pfeiffer (really hoping I don’t have to explain who Michelle Pfeiffer is). Oh, and yes, your eyes do not decieve you: the cast also includes Helena Bonham Carter.

Depp’s involvement in the film isn’t surprising, though, he’s apparently wanted to make a Dark Shadows movie for YEARS. He was a fan of the original, saying “I do remember, very vividly, practically sprinting home from school in the afternoon to see Jonathan Frid play Barnabas Collins.”

Well, we’ll get to see Johnny Depp live out his dream of slipping on Collins’ fangs next year. The movie opens on May 11, 2012. Will you be in line for a ticket?