Fireworks Premieres “Arrows” Video & I Die

If you haven’t heard the band Fireworks, you need to do yourself a favor and check them out as soon as digitally possible. They released their album Gospel back a few months ago and it’s pretty much hug party for your ears. They are also on tour with Polar Bear Club and some other rad bands that I cannot remember right now.

AP premiered their video for “Arrows” and um you need to go and see it RIGHT NOW or we aren’t friends. This video is kind of amazing. There are human pinatas, a hunter, and it’s kind of like The Hunger Games but more delicious. Here are some screen caps:

The mean guy:

Pinata Dad:

Not a party:

S**T just got real-er:


Anyway, go and check it out because it’s pretty rad and you should listen to this band.