Extension Tips

A lot of you guys have been asking me what kinda extensions I use! I prefer this new method called invisable link. Its a weft that is attached by micro link beads. It has the least damage I have ever experianced as far as extensions go. Im not a big fan of anything that uses glue.

For extra volume, bangs and color I prefer to use clip in bang extensions and falls. This way you can experiment with colors and styles without ruining your hair!

To keep my color really fresh I normally mix in my pink ( manic panic cotton candy mixed with special effects cupcake + a TON of conditiner to water the color down ) with my conditiner and leave it on a few minutes every time I was my hair. My base color is pink so I always do this no matter what or I end up peachy orange, it’s hard to keep streaks bright though. I normally just let them fade then refoil them if I want.

My natural hair I tend to keep it a few inches past my shoulders. I bleach and use extensions so much I don’t like it to get dry and damaged as it tends to do when it gets really long. I prefer it super soft and healthy.

I feel like I am able to experiment so many hair styles with extensions, hair peices and color because of my advanced Aveda training. If you have any more questions leave them in these comments and I try to answer them best I can!