Elizabeth Taylor Auction

Elizabeth Taylor’s AMAZING jewelry collection is almost on the auction block!! New York auction hous Christies just announced a date: Beginning December 13th, it will put a total of 269 jewels up for bid, estimated to be worth MORE THAN $30 million dollars! The auction will take place over five days in December. This is one of those times where I WISH that I was a billionaire so that I could buy all of these stunning items. I heard a rumor that David Beckham planned on buying a few things for Victoria, I don’t know if that’s true or not, but how lucky is Mrs. Beckham if it is?! (as if she isn’t lucky enough looking the way that she does AND being married to David –LOL!). A pieces from her clothing and artwork collection will also be available. Anyway, I took a look at some of the items that are up for grabs and I thought I would show you the pictures I spent some time drooling over. –ENJOY!! xx