Christina Hendricks Wants to Play Wonder Woman…And I’m Okay With That

Christina Hendricks wants to be Wonder Woman.

And the odds are looking better and better that she’ll get to do so.

See, director Nicolas Winding Refn wants to make a Wonder Woman movie and is pushing for Hollwood to let him have the project. And he’s openly stated that Hendricks is his choice to play the Amazon Princess.

Hendricks worked with Refn in the recent film Drive, and at the premier Refn confirmed “If I ever get to do [Wonder Woman], she’s going to be it.” Hendricks herself has expressed excitement over the potential casting. She says “I grew up on the TV show, and I had Wonder Woman Underoos, and my brother had a Wonder Woman doll — sorry, Aaron, you’re exposed.”

Apparently, the performance of Refn’s adaptation of Logan’s Run will affect whether or not he’ll get his hands on Wonder Woman.

But could Hendricks play a superheroine? Well, while Hendricks is best known for her role on Mad Men, she’s no stranger to playing a more action-oriented part. In the short-lived Joss Whedon series Firefly she played a butt-kicking scam artist in two episodes.

What do you think about Christina potentially playing Wonder Woman?