Celebrate National Video Game Day With 8 Bit Video Game Music

When I was a wee lad, I was really into video games. All I used to do was play them. My friends and I (all 3 of us) used to trade them so that we wouldn’t have to buy a whole bunch. It’s all we talked about. We didn’t play outside because we were too busy being anti social and heaven forbid we broke a finger playing sports.

Since today is National Video Game Day, here are some of my favorite video game tunes from my wasted youth. Enjoy!

Super Mario Bros. 2

So this game is what happens when you do a lot of drugs and decide to make a video game. It’s totally weird and that’s why I love it. You could play as the Princess or Toad, Mario or Luigi. Toad was my fave because he was fast at everything. The Princess could float all over the place so she was rad. Luigi was kind of wack because when he jumped, his legs went all wiggly and took forever to get back down and he was slow. Mario was just boring.

Anyway, when I was small, I had a SMB 2 birthday and I got this as a gift. Oh and I had a Mario pillow and cake and no one came to my party but I didn’t care because I got to play this game by myself.

Mega Man 2

Mega Man was a hard game for me. You had to figure out who to beat first so you could have the power of the previous boss to be the next. It took me forever to figure out the right combo but since I was anti social and hated everything at a young age, all I did was play this and I beat it in like a a few days.

Castlevania 2

Ugh this game was super hard. There were tons of secrets and stuff but screw that, I got a cheat code. FEJE 5ZH4 and a bunch of other letters I can’t remember. My favorite secret spot was this lake that you had to kneel down at and throw holy water at or whatever and then some steps showed up.


This game was cool. Mostly it was just Uncle Scrooge hitting stuff with his cane and being a BAMF.

Little Nemo

Probably one of my fave games evs. I mean, you throw candy at things, make them fall asleep, and then wear their skin as a suit. You can also ride them but whatever, skin suits are way better.

Kid Icarus

This game was weird in a not so fun way. The music was cool though. My cousin had this game and I never liked playing it because I always died.

Ghost’s n Goblins

The only thing I remember about this game (other than it being amazing), was that when you were hit in your armor, you would end up in your undies and that meant you had one hit left. There were a lot of rad power ups and stuff, too.


LoL this song.


Metroid took forever to beat. If you could be it, you were the master of video games. I think I beat it once without any codes and that’s how I spent my summer vacation.

Zelda: A Link to the Past

I know this game isn’t an 8 bit game but whatever. I used to play this game in the 8th grade and I got all the items by myself because there was no Nintendo Power in Germany. I used to go to this area and fall asleep to this music or draw. Best music evs.

Do you have any favorite video game music?