Buzznet Original: Meghan93

Have you met Meghan93? Her display name that she goes by really confuses me because it is full of consonants and things. The thing that doesn’t confuse me about her is that she is an amazing person. She has been on Buzznet for about 4 years. She also started a 365 Day Project this year and she is kicking booty and taking names. If you have yet to see her work, let me share some of thie brand new OG’s art with you:

Day 110: Drugs

Day 199: Yahtzee

Day 226: Flying High

F is for Fear!

Most of her photos have her daily updates along with them, so it makes it really interesting to read how her photo ties in with her various ongoings. Her photos are unique, raw, and all her own. Go and check out her page and catch up with her if you haven’t already.

Thanks, Meghan, for making Buzznet the place where you come to share and giving us the chance to get to know you. Congrats on being our newest Buzznet Original!

Know someone who you think should be a Buzznet OG? Suggest them here and maybe you can write your own!