Britney Spears ft. Tokio Hotel // Hilf Mir Fliegen [MUSIC VIDEO]

READ BEFORE TO WATCH (IN HD XP): I worked to this video for the last two days and I think I gave all myself for to rend it more perfect that I could! And I hope you can appreciate it and don’t write bad comments, because they will be deleted! If you don’t like it, simply watch another video! Of course not all the clips are from the same videos, because it’s clear this is only a fan made and it’s impossible to create a fan made video with perfect scene at 100%, I used different clips from a lot of different videos but I think to have rent the idea! I thought to create this video for a lot of time because I love Britney and Tokio Hotel so much and I really hope in future they can collaborate together with a song, for this reason I tried to do a fanmade on a Tokio Hotel song “Hilf Mir Fliegen” (“Help Me To Fly”) with Britney, Bill and a little appearance of Tom, as protagonists.


0:11 After the umpteenth argument with her boyfriend, Britney is in her usual bar and she tries to don’t think to her boyfriend, 0:15 alcholic and with the vice to beat when he drank a little bit too much, she would like to leave him, but she isn’t brave enough. At that bar there’s also Bill, 0:13 a sweet boy who would like to invite Britney to date but he knows that her boyfriend is also damn jealous, and only because Britney and Bill looked each other, Britney’s boyfriend lose his head and beats Bill after have seen their looks and Bill smiled to her 0:19 – 0:23 and then takes Britney at home with the strenght and they start to argue another time 0:24 – 0:53 while Bill is coming back home sad to haven’t done anything for Britney. One week later… 0:54 – 1:26 Bill talks with his brother Tom about what happened at the bar the week before and he said to him that she loves Britney and she isn’t happy with her boyfriend because he hurts her. Tom advices Bill to go to Britney and while Britney’s boyfriend tries to abuse to Britney, Bill takes his car and drives toward her house. 1.27 – 1:42 While Bill is running for to save Britney, she finds a gun and shots to her boyfriend. Britney is safe and then she kisses Bill. The day after… 1:43 – 1:54 Britney and Bill live happily ever after…

Main videos I used:

Gimme More – Britney Spears

Everytime – Britney Spears

Love The Way You Lie – Eminem ft. Rihanna

All About Us – t.A.t.U.

Automatic – Tokio Hotel

Spring Nicht – Tokio Hotel