Brendon Urie and Sarah Orzechowski Announce Their Engagement

Normally I don’t like to report on stuff that verges on gossip, but I’m making a bit of an exception this time.

The internet has been buzzing since Panic! at the Disco’s long-time bodyguard, Zach Hall, posted to his Twitter feed “He asked, she answered, congrats to you both..”

Speculation ran rampant. Was it a movie quote? Or was it exactly what it sounded like?

Well, Sarah has confirmed via her Tumblr:

that is in fact the truth. :’) We are extremely happy. Thank you to all of those who are stoked and saying positive things, it’s greatly appreciated! It’s an awesome and exciting time in our lives. 🙂

Congratulations to Brendon and Sarah!

UPDATE: Brendon has posted on his own Twitter about the subject: I asked her and, somehow, @dearpennysaid yes. So here’s a well-spoken clergyman on the subject.

He then linked to this quote from The Princess Bride.

I’m only saying this one: keep the comments civil. I will be watching them like a hawk and anything rude or uncalled for WILL be deleted.