The Brand New Buzznet Mobile

For a while now, Buzznet has been working on something that many people have asked about in the past. Since we want you to be able to post while you are on the go, we have now launched a mobile version of Buzznet. Rather than getting the full site when you check out Buzznet on your phones, you will be taken to a simplified, mobile optimized, version of the site that will let you see all the latest from Buzznet and your friends. You will also be able to post, comment, and share all of your favorite stuff!

Let’s take a look at what Buzznet Mobile looks like and what you can do with it:

If you have an Android, iPhone, or a newer Blackberry, this is what you see when you type into your phones browser:

To log in, hit the green “Login” button. You will be taken here to enter your user information:

Once you are logged in, you can check out stuff from your Buzzworthy/Follow Feeds. You just need to select which feed you want to check out in order to do so. If you want to leave a comment, Buzz something, or share it, all you have to do is select the appropriate action:

You can also post from the mobile site as well. To do that, hit the green “Options” button:

Once you hit the “Create Post” drop down, you will be given options:

Blog posts on Buzznet Mobile are created much like on You just title your post, write some words, and add tags. They are text posts only. For photo posts, you will be prompted to use your phones library or told to use the e-mail option to send in photos. Links are pretty simple. All you need is a URL and you are set.

When you go to profiles, you can choose to view a person’s feed:

Or their galleries:

If you want to look at the photos section (because that is the best section ever), scroll all the way down to the bottom and select which tag page you want to check out:

You can also search for things by entering text into the search field. If you want to switch back to the full site experience, there is a link to that as well.

Once you click into the tag page you want to check out, you’ll be taken to what has been posted on that page:

From there, you can comment, Buzz, and share the things you love right from your phone!

Once you are done checking out Buzznet/m/, make sure you swing on by our handy survey to let us know what you think of the mobile site: Survey Monkey!

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