What’s Your Back to School Look? Show Us!

What Are You Wearing group member shoodoowop: ADORBS

It’s that time of year again. More pencils, more books, and way more teachers’ dirty looks. We know you’re busting out your Lisa Frank neon unicorn binders (or not because it’s not the 80s) and getting ready to get your learn on, but MORE IMPORTANTLY, what are you wearing??? Are you going boho with long maxi dresses and fringey things? Is your look more put together preppy, all pleats and knee socks? Will you try the collegiate trend and throw on a varsity jacket or a letterman jacket over your skinny jeans?

Post all your best back to school outfits in our What Are You Wearing? group! At the end of September, the Buzznet editors will get together and choose our favorite, to be featured on the Buzznet Homepage! So don’t hold back, hit us with your bestest looks.