Ashley Greene Breaks Out of ‘Twilight’ and Signs On to Play… A Guy?

Now that Twilight production is complete, Ashley Greene is off and running to other acting endeavors. But is Ashley broadening her acting range and playing a dude? The Twilight actress has signed on to play Charles Dickens’ famed orphan Oliver Twist in an upcoming adaptation. No, Ashley isn’t changing sexes for the new role – she’s playing a modern take of the Dickens novel Oliver Twist, but as Olivia Twisted.

According to Variety, the project Olivia Twisted was announced Tuesday at the Toronto Film Festival and follows 19-year-old Olivia and a band of “highly trained street urchins.” The group accepts a kidnapping job and soon find themselves stuck in the middle of a turf war between warring criminal factions. The script written by Michael Roberts is described as combining “Dickensian elements with a Gothic backdrop.”

Sounds like it’s going to be pretty action packed!

Ashley was at the Toronto Film Festival for her political satire Butter, which teamed her up with producer Michael De Luca for the first time. De Luca and Ashley will work together yet again as he is producing Olivia Twisted.

Elijah Wood in Oliver Twist. Could you see Ashley in this outfit?

Ashley isn’t the first actor to be in a movie about the famous orphan: Elijah Wood was in an adaptation in 1997 as the Artful Dodger. Seems like Ashley has some great company!

Do you think Ashley Greene will make a good Oliver Twist?