Ali Lohan’s New Face: Is 17 Too Young For Plastic Surgery?

Paging Ali Lohan! Ali Lohan, is that you? Lindsay Lohan‘s not-so-little sister was spotted with her big sis at a salon in Beverly Hills yesterday, sporting what seemed to be a brand new face. According to The Fab Life, since she signed to NEXT Model Management last month, “Ali’s lips appear plumper, cheekbones more swollen, nose redefined, eyes more ‘alert’ and eyebrows completely re-landscaped.” Could it be that she’s just using some REALLY amazing makeup that does wonders we don’t know about?! Or did she really get plastic surgery?

Ali and mom Dina

At 17 years old, Ali legally wouldn’t be able to get procedures done as a minor – meaning mom Dina Lohan would have had to sign off on what Ali may (or may not!) have gotten done.

Good call Mama Lohan!

Check out this before and after photo:

WHOA! Hopefully Ali doesn’t pull a Heidi Montag and go too crazy with surgeries!

How young is TOO young for plastic surgery? Do you think Ali Lohan is too young for it? What do you think of Ali’s new face?