Accepting the New Facebook: We Can Do It

Okay, I know that it can be hard to cope with change. But I am confident that once you go through the obligatory stages of denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance that you will love and prefer the new Facebook.

It will probably go something like this:

Facebook has done a really nice job with the advertisement for the new Timeline format. It’s got an Apple vibe, and honestly gets me a little emotional. (I’m not above commercials making me cry, okay?) It looks like they are trying to emphasize using Facebook as a way to chronicle, remember and look back at your life as opposed to just updating from moment to moment.

Check out the big change below:

I just got the new format using this “hack“, and have spent the morning reading my updates from years ago. IT’S WEIRD! I have to say I kind of hate my 2009 self, but it is pretty interesting to see a detailed archive of your life. You get to see old photos you forgot about, comments people left you, where you have been and how you were feeling when Obama was elected.

You get a “Cover” or banner across the top of your page, and you can customize which posts/pictures grace the front of your profile.

Using the new format you can also see who has un-friended you! No hard feelings here, really, none.

Are you excited about the new format, or are you avoiding it kicking and screaming?