5 Ways to Maybe Get into Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week is always an exciting prospect, but as you walk by the tents swarming with impeccably dressed men and women and models, the average girl wishes she could get in on all the VIP fun. So, here are a few tips on how to sneak your way into a NYFW runway show! Though they probably won’t work, hey, it’s worth a shot! (But remember, don’t steal Anna Wintour’s front-row seat or you could get in trouble with the law like the two boarding-school teens who somehow managed the feat!)

1. Pretend you’re a photographer. Carry a big impressive camera around, and wear a nametag around your neck (with a fake name, of course). Because there’s always a swarm of camera press snapping away, getting in on that scene will probably be easier than trying to sneak in next to Joe Zee.

2. Dress the part. If you don’t like the idea of faking camreraman, simply dress in a perfectly put-together outfit, get your hair done, glue yourself to your blackberry/iphone screen and hope for the best. Walk with confidence, and you might get in.

3. Be a fan. Sometimes, brands such as Ralph Lauren or Michael Kors will invite their most frequent customers to attend runway shows. But if you don’t want to spend a huge amount of money, sweet talk a sales assistant or PR person into adding you to the invite list.

4. Just be nice. Buddy up with the security guards and they might take pity on you.

5. Hang around. If attendance is low due to bad weather or a scheduling conflict, show coordinatosr may need to fill up seats and give out free tickets to the fashion-obsessed crowded outside.

Good luck and happy Fashion Week!