14 Songs That Make You Proud to Be Single

Happy Singles Week! Yes, a whole week. As if we singles needed another reminder that we are indeed alone in this world! Kidding. Seriously though, it’s bad enough that Valentine’s Day (Singles Awareness Day AKA S.A.D.) is a big, in-your-face memo of singularity. Well, I say embrace it! Like Ashlee Simpson once sang, “Right now I’m solo, but that will be changing eventually.” To my single and proud folks, more power to you. There’s nothing wrong with self-loving – there’s nothing more empowering than being single and okay with it… except being single and proud of it! To my single and slightly-less-than-stellar-about-it folks, chin up!

Here’s a playlist of “single” songs that should make you proud to be single (for now anyway):

“Independent Women” – Destiny’s Child

“Since U Been Gone – Kelly Clarkson

“Single” – NKOTB ft. Ne-Yo

“Single” – Natasha Bedingfield

“No Scrubs”- TLC

“Crash the Party” – OK Go

“Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)” – Beyonce

“I Don’t Wanna Be in Love” – Good Charlotte

“Miss Independent” – Kelly Clarkson

“So What” – Pink

“Telephone” – Lady Gaga and Beyonce

“I Don’t Need a Man” – Pussycat Dolls

“What the Hell” – Avril Lavigne

“Me, Myself and I” – Beyonce

What song(s) makes you proud to be single? Post your favorites in the comments!