The 13th Anniversary Of The Ultimate Britney’s Fan – 13 Things I Have In Common With Britney

When I started to follow Britney I also started to noticed a couple of things we have in common, I’m so proud to have in common with her a lot of stuff, this is a countdown of 13 things in common with her! Check them out 😉

13. Same month of birth

Both we were born in December, only 5 days and of difference and 9 years of difference 😉

12. Same zodiacal sign

Both we are Sagittarius (I really would like to know her ascendent, mine is Leo)

11. Both practiced gymnastics

I practiced gymnastics in 1997, an year before to know her. She started to practice gymnastics really young too, around 5/6 years old!

10. Being a Sagittarius, we are determined for what we do, passionate and also sensitive

We also can’t stand when we talk and the others listen but never hear what we are saying, we hate to talk for the wind!

9. We love vanilla candles

8. We hate flight (even though I’ve never tried before I’m very scared)

7. We love animals, especially dogs

6. We loved the same songs: Everytime, I’m not a girl not yet a woman, Criminal…

5. We have the same passion for some artists: Michael Jackson, Madonna, Whitney Houston

4. We both love animated movies

3. We both love going to shopping (and also shopping online) and we both love bags and purses (she has more than 50 bags)

2. We both love Frappuccino

1. We both love to draw


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