The 13th Anniversary Of The Ultimate Britney’s Fan – My 13 Fav Things I Love The Most About Britney

Britney is not only a superstar, she’s also a wonderful woman with such a big heart, for this reason I wanna dedicate this 6th blog about my 13 fav things i love the most about her.

Check them out!

13. Her way to be so funny

Britney is so funny, so hilarious and I really love her ridicolous faces, she’s simply adorable!

12. Her way to have changed music all over 13 years of career always staying at the top

Britney is an awesome artist and it’s too hard to find an artist like her who in 13 years of career changed and experimented a lot of different sounds. Brit did it! And this is one of the reason I love her so much!

11. Her natural beauty

Britney is gorgeous with makeup, some of them are really really awesome. But what can I say when she’s all natural?!?! She’s stunning too!

10. Her way to be so closed with her family

Family has always been such important for Britney: they had everything for her also when they hadn’t money. She’s so closed to them and she recently said: “My dad saved me!”

9. Her clear way to talk

Since the beginning when I was almost 8 years old and I didn’t understand English, well I knew only some stuff because I was just studying at primary school, I always understood what Britney said. I don’t know how to explain, maybe because her way to talk is so clear, I don’t know. I love to listen her to talk, I could listen her for the whole day! Her voice is so quiet and sweet!

8. Her wonderful body

Her body is awesome, she’s so sexy and now she’s almost 30 and she has two boys of almost 5 and 6 years and her body is hotter better than ever! It’s Britney bitch!

7. Her sexy dance

Her way to dance is so sexy, so overwhelming! She’s so hot! Love her hips moving, when she put her leg on, and she shakes her hair back and forth

6. Her laugh

Can’t stop to laugh too when she laughes! She’s adorable!!!

5. Her way to sing in falsetto or acapella

People who says she doesn’t sing, sucks! Because her voice is awesome, since she was so young and she always had a powerful Southern voice! It’s so strong! I really love her voice and she is really talented, loves when she sings in falsetto or acapella! She’s the best ever!

4. When she says: “It’s really really cool”

I think it’s one of the funniest things to hear! And I say it too xp hahahah it’s… i don’t know, so weird and funny at the same time… I usually say: it’s really really cool a lot of times as her XDDD

Check out this video from: 0:54 to 2:10 and you can hear it!

3. Her way to be so down on earth after 13 years of success

Britney Spears is not a superstar for me, she’s just a human being like all of us! She’s a woman who fought a lot for to be who she is now but she’s always so down on earth and not all the celebrities are like her. She doesn’t interested about the money, she loves to be a normal girl as she has always been a normal girl. She knows what mean to live without money and fight for to have something and she didn’t an easy life, her parents did everything they can for her and I’m so proud she is in this way. Love her!

“I’m not perfect, I’m human!” – Britney

2. Her way to be an awesome mom for her children

I can’t stand when people says she’s not a great mom. What the hell? She could die for her babies, they are the best thing never happened to her! They saved her life, she couldn’t live without them! One time she said: “I was waiting my boys outside the kindergarden and I looked through the window because I was curious to know what they were doing and I saw them and I said to myself: ‘They are mine! Noone can take them away from me!'”

She is a wonderful mommy and I think her babies are so proud of them!

1. Her smile

There’s nothing of most beautiful than Britney’s smile! When I see her smile I think to “Just The Way You Are” song, it’s perfect for her and her smile definetly brights my day and it rends more happy even if it’s so dark!


The 13th Anniversary Of The Ultimate Britney’s Fan – 13 Things I Have In Common With Britney


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