The 13th Anniversary Of The Ultimate Britney’s Fan – My 13 Fav Music Video Concepts

Waiting for new concept video about her 4th single “Criminal” from Femme Fatale album, (I’m really exicted becuase it’s my fav song) I thought to talk this time about my 13 fav music video concepts. Some of them are really really original and some of others really particular and sweet and others talk about her life too! Check them out! 😉

13. Oops! I Did It Again

This video is really cute: love her long hair and the red bodysuit ultratight! She’s sexy! Love the Mars location and the quote about the diamond of the ocean about Titanic.

12. Baby One More Time

If you say Britney Spears, you say Baby One More Time. Even though the first idea was a Britney Wonder Woman, she decided to change in a bored schoolgirl who should only to go out the classroom and dance!

11. Overprotected

This is one of her videos that talks about her lifestyle and the paparazzi oppression and the fact to be overprotected (the walls that becoming always more closest to her is the perfect idea of this oppression)

10. Me Against The Music

The two queens of pop in a duet together: EPIC! A run through the other, obsession, paranoia, there’s only me against the music. Who will win this battle?

9. I’m Slave 4 U

Music is the protagonist once again, this time Britney is a slave for her. Sexy and sweat, she does a rain dance in a club, she’s not a teenie anymore!

8. Womanizer

Britney knows to be sexy, and in this video she shows us in a fucking hot way: completly naked! If Toxic was outrageous for you, you don’t see her wonderful body in the sauna, dancing and singing that her boy is only a womanizer and would like to betray her everytime a sexy girl (doesn’t matter if is an office partner, a waitress or a limousine driver) arrives in front of his eyes (but he doesn’t know is always her girlfriend).

7. I Wanna Go

Britney last video and doesn’t seem she’s almost 30 in this freshy and colorful video where once again Britney fights with paparazzi and stupid question and even though she found help in the bodyguardm he’s only one of the same robot people who wanna catch her!

6. Lucky

First video where Britney plays more roles together. It’s the story of a movie star and in some ways, the story of her life! Is she so lucky?

5. Till The World Ends

Ray Kay had the perfect idea for this song: keep on dancing till the world ends! And only Britney can stops the Maya premonition about the end of the world on December 21st, 2012.

4.Piece Of Me

This video reflects what’s going with Britney life in those last year, and especially in the period that it’s been released! It’s been the perfect song in the perfect moment! Everything she does is not good, also if she only breathes! Is this life?

3. Toxic

This video won a Grammy Award in 2004 and it deserves it all! If some of you said that this video has something also in Womanizer one, you are right: the director is the same and Britney thought about a sorta of Toxic too but better. In this video we find Britney plays many characters only for to go to kill her (ex)boyfriend who betrayed her for a younger girl. Men all over the world, pay attention to Britney, she’s vengeful!

2. Hold It Against Me

This video explains Britney’s career since the beginning: she arrives as a metheora in the music world, she was the American dream, she was young a famous, then the breakdown with her divorce, but in the end she comes back because she’s stronger than ever! She’s Britney Bitch, Living Legend. Would you hold it against her?

1. Everytime

Britney’s highest video concept ever. Full of pain, sadness and emotions. This video is awesome! But even though seems there’s no a happy ending, a hope stays forever and she resurfaces: it was only a dream!

Which is your fav one?


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