10 Reasons Why We Love Hilary Duff

She charmed us as the adorable Lizzie on the show Lizzie McGuire as a tween, but birthday girl Hilary Duff is not so little anymore! Hil’s turning 24 – and while that seems like such a young age, she’s really grown into a fine young woman, with a steady acting career, a music career and many other endeavors (a fashion line, a fragrance line, a novel). Now wife to husband Mike Comrie and with a baby on the way, we just want to wish Hilary the happiest of birthdays!


Here are 10 reasons why we love Hilary:

1. Hilary’s the ORIGINAL Disney gal. Before Selena, Demi and Miley, there was Hilary. Lizzie McGuire was arguably one of the most popular Disney shows during its time and the love of it still continues to live on.

2. She’s a humanitarian. Hilary has worked with charities including Kids with a Cause, Declare Yourself, Hope Mission, The Trevor Project, USA Harvest, and many many more!

3. She makes awesome songs that we can relate to. With songs ranging from the inspiring to the empowering to the “just wanna have a good time” tracks, Hilary’s music is great for tweens, teens, and young adults alike.

4. She’s an animal lover. Dogs, cats – she loves them all!

5. She and her sister have the most adorable relationship ever! You can tell Hilary and older sis Haylie Duff have a great connection and truly love each other. So cute!

6. Hilary made the jump from tween star to a young lady to an adult without all the controversies and scandals. Remember her two-episode MTV show called Hilary Duff: This Is Now? Most people don’t – mostly because it was incredibly normal (and normal equals boring). The two-part documentary showed Hilary working her tail off. How many starlets can say that?!

7. She dated Good Charlotte frontman Joel Madden. And while the two are no longer together and leading happily married lives with others, Hilary and Joel’s relationship was super cute!

8. Her everyday sense of fashion. Whether she’s going to pilates class or to coffee or even grocery shopping, Hilary maintains a no-frills but totally fashionable style.

9. Her movies are such guilty pleasures! Admit it: you LOVE A Cinderella Story, Material Girls (also starring her sis Haylie), The Lizzie McGuire Movie, Raise Your Voice (which also starred our girl Kat Dennings!), and The Perfect Man.

10. We know she’ll make a great mother to her baby-on-the-way. Hilary may just be turning but she’s wise above her years. Pregnant with her first born with hubby Mike, Hil will make an awesome mom!


What do you love about Hilary Duff?