Yoü and I &Gaga

Lady Gaga is incredible. I would LOVE to get inside her head for even just a minute. I love this new video of hers. She’s insane, and I absolutely love it. If you guys weren’t sure what her new song is about, it is TOTALLY 100% about her long time on again/off again boyfriend Lüc Carl. What gave it away? Well, the song is titled ‘Yoü and I’ (please note the U in both ‘yoü’ and ‘lüc’). If that wasn’t the first sign, one of the most obvious hints would be her constant reference to Nebraska, the state where Lüc Carl is from. There are many other hints throughout the song, but if the first two obvious one’s weren’t enough to convice you, then I don’t know what to tell you.

So, How do you think Lüc feels about her new song/video? &Do yoü like it? 😉 Tell me your thoughts! xxo