And The Winner of ‘The Glee Project’ Is…

For the last nine weeks, you saw twelve contestants on Oxygen’s The Glee Project go through obstacles and triumph after their victories. Some went home, while others got to stay and continue to reach for their dream of a coveted role on the hit Fox show Glee. Last night’s finale episode of The Glee Project was quite the eventful one.

So who was the winner?

Er, make that winners! Looks like Glee executive producer Ryan Murphy couldn’t make up his mind about choosing just ONE winner! Ryan announced that contender Samuel Larsen had won the competition, which entails a seven-arc role on Glee. Moments after the announcement, Ryan broke the news that contender Damian McGinty had “also won The Glee Project.” WHAAAAA?!

Watch Ryan announce the winner(s) here:

And here’s the twist: Alex and Lindsay, the two remaining contenders who technically were the “losers” in the competition, also got a win! Ryan and the crew loved Alex and Lindsay’s acting so much, they decided to include them in a two-episode stint.

On The Glee Project, EVERYONE wins!

What did you think of the finale? Do you agree that Samuel and Damian were the best of the bunch? Will you be tuning in to Glee this upcoming season to check out their roles?