Why I’m Sick Of Celebrities And Their ‘Curves’

Another day, another ‘celebrity’ claiming to be a great body image role model. It’s just what all females need for a confidence boost right? Well that’s what the media seem to think but I couldn’t disagree more.

Normally I care very little for the world of fashion. I like nice clothes, yes and I enjoy shopping, yes but do I care about the models and what they look like, what they eat, what they wear? No, not at all. They bore me, and I skim over the pages of any magazines articles they grace in the same speed I flick TV channels to something other than The Only Way Is Essex – that’s very quick, believe me.

However, in the last couple of days I’ve been unable to avoid the prescence of Daisy Lowe and her playboy shoot. It wasn’t the shoot itself that bothered me but it was her comments where she declared herself “the poster girl for curves”. Yes, she does look fairly ’rounded’ in a-hem ‘certain places’ of her lingerie and nude photoshoot, and she does eat food and still go in and out at the right places – but that doesn’t make her ‘curvy’, it just makes her lucky.

She also went on to say that she’s “proud” of her shape (as if she’d be anything else) and that “We need to have real ­characters that women can relate to and look up to”; but can we (as in ‘we’ as females) really relate to a woman who looks like she does below? Let’s be blunt here, the only people using her body to ‘look up to’ (apart from pervy old men) are those using her for thinspiration – and that can never be a good thing.

Sure, it’s a welcome change that she doesn’t look dangerously thin but why should we applaud her for not starving herself? And as a more important question, why does she think (and the media agree) that her figure is ‘normal’? Why do the media even think there is a ‘normal’ figure?

I’m not aiming my anger at Daisy Lowe (I’m sure she’s lovely), I’m not even aiming my anger at the fashion industry but instead at the way the world’s media view them. The ‘Shock! Horror!’ headlines everytime a celebrity actually likes their body are absurb, and frankly they’re getting boring.

The ‘real women’ campaigns are becoming almost as damaging as the Size Zero models. We are all different shapes and sizes; we can’t all be skinny, neither can we all be curvy. So dear, celebrities who are trying to cheer us all up – just don’t bother because the chances are our body is nothing like yours, and never will be.