U GUISE SRSLY – Nyan Cat: Lost In Space

Last night, while I was home watching Netflix and doing mega important research, I found out that Nyan Cat has it’s own video game. This important research, mind you, was me reading the Nyan Cat Wiki Entry. In hindsight, that just seems really sad. I mean, really. Who does that? Me, that’s who.

While I was reading the Nyan Cat Wiki, I also found out that there were some legal woes that lead to the Nyan Cat YouTube video from being pulled down which resulted in the owner of the video receiving DEATH THREATS and hate mail.

Anymeows, the game is available on the iPhone or you don’t have one of those blasted contraptions, you can play it here on your computer: OMG YES!

In this version of the Nyan Cat game, you have to collect treats and things for maximum happiness. If you get the veggies, your happiness meter decreases and you DIE.

Here is a look at Nyan Cat: Lost In Space for the iPhone –

There are still lots of treats to nom but instead of veggies, there are bad guys. Also, you can fall into the depths of peril and die that way. There is a UFO that can snatch you up and shake all the treats out of you. You also can get all these rad power ups like these little pills that turn the game into a rave pretty much and you fly all fast.

Like anything on the iPhone, you will probably think that this game is a complete waste of time that won’t make you a better person or help you contribute to society in any positive way. You will, however, feel really good about playing Nyan Cat and that will pretty much make you feel like this:

Then, thanks to the power of Nyan Cat, you will take your Poptart-y self out into the wilds, leave a trail of rainbow carnage in your wake, and that will make the world a better place.

Go get this game and have playing!