Tweet Off: Kreayshawn X Lil Debbie

White Girl Mob sisters Kreayshawn and Lil Debbie are known for their sick style and swaggin’ antics, but can you tell the two apart? Believe it or not, they’re actually not blood-related. However, the two get mistaken for one another in the media and by fans alike. Debb took to Twitter to express her frustration:

They both tweet up a storm, so what better way to show off their individuality than match them up against one another in a tweet-off?! Let the tweetier twit win.

On “nutrition”:

On their alter egos and aspirations:

On empowering women:

On themselves:

On friendship:

On their favorite music:

I think the clear winner here is Kreay, because she dropped shout outs to Jbiebz and ice cream. She also raps about Twtter in “Gucci Gucci”: “Google that, groupies follow me like Twitter / I’m r*lling up my catnip and sh*ttin’ in your litter.” Here are some bonus k2345h4wN tweets…just because she has an excess of ridiculousness:

Still confused on how to tell Kreay and Debb apart? Check out fuckyeahlildebbie‘s AmAzInG FAQ page, with tons of tips on how to correctly identify the WGM members.

Who do you think has more tweet swag: Kreayshawn or Lil Debbie?

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